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December 22, 2016 4:44 PM EST

Bill Murray seems to be just about everywhere. From playing golf with President Obama to nonstop celebrating the Chicago Cubs’ World Series victory, he just keeps on appearing. Celebrities and normal folk alike have stories about Murray cropping out of of the blue, so the New Yorker decided to take this phenomenon into its own hands.

In a video titled “Friend of Bill,” strangers gather in a circle and share their personal Bill Murray histories, recounting all the ways the icon has showed up in their lives. The stories range from meeting Murray at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to seeing him sing along to a Beach Boys song at a restaurant. The stories are hilarious, yet unsurprising because it’s Bill Murray.

But it’s not only laymen who have legendary Murray run-ins. These anecdotes really resonated with Chrissy Teigen, who shared her own similar experience on Twitter. “This happened to me too,” she tweeted. “A waiter dropped a plate of half-eaten food and said it was from ‘the man at the bar.’ It was Bill Murray.”

There’s no hint as to who will be next.

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