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December 21, 2016 1:58 PM EST

An ombre cat bed, an endless scarf and an artsy sculptural necklace lead the list.

Hey small spender! Giving gifts that look like they cost more than they did is not only a holiday strategy, it’s a world view, an ethos,and a core human principle. When you gift items that look more lavish than they are, you not only look generous, you invite the recipient to give you a better present as well. So you win twice!

1. Mixed Piece Necklace

Buy this for your artsy mother, then borrow it back.

Available at | $40

2. Multi-Colored Extra Long Scarf

So many colors. So much scarf! So much money? Not so much.

Available at | $26

3. Spirit Coasters

Four coasters for $10 means you can throw in a bottle of Cuervo, too.

Available at | $10

4. Faux Fur Mule Slipper

These Chewbacca-style slippers are a distant cousin to the celeb-loved Gucci slides that have a secret upside: He won’t realize he’s dusting the floor.

Available at | $20

5. Men’s Wooden Watch
Because a man with a watch is more likely to be on time—and this rugged rebuke to smartwatches feels trendy and classic all at once.

Available at | $30

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