Justin Barkley
Ithaca Police Department
December 21, 2016 10:57 AM EST

A New York man who is accused of gunning down a UPS driver believes he killed President-elect Donald Trump instead, he said in court this week.

Justin Barkley, 38, said during his indictment in court Monday that he “purposefully” plotted to shoot and kill Trump and “very proudly” did so on Dec. 8 in a parking lot of an upstate Walmart store, the Ithaca Voice reported.

“I went there to purposely shoot and kill him and put him down,” Barkley said, according to the newspaper. “I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly.”

Barkley faces murder and other charges for fatally shooting William Schumacher, a 52-year-old UPS driver whom he’d never met, and then running him over. He attempted to plead guilty to murder but a judge adjourned the court indictment to Jan. 6 and ordered a competency examination for Barkley, Acting District Attorney Andrew Bonavia told 12 News.

[Ithaca Voice]

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