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Sarah Paulson is an Emmy Award-winning actress, but even she can’t pretend to be chill when she’s in the presence of Rihanna. Paulson made her fangirl confession to Seth Meyers on Late Night, admitting that things got awkward because she and RiRi are spending plenty of time together as Ocean’s Eight co-stars.

Despite her best efforts to be cool, Paulson keeps finding herself awkwardly humming Rihanna’s songs on set, much to the irritation of her other co-stars. “A couple times Sandy Bullock gave me the side eye,” said Paulson. “I’m like, ‘Diamonds—sorry!’ Every time I see her, it starts. It’s bad. It’s bad! It’s not good.”

“I think when this is over,” Meyers teased the American Horror Story star. “Rihanna is going to talk about how cool you were.” Paulson laughed, “I’m not sure that’s true.”

Paulson isn’t the only Rihanna fangirl, of course. “If you’re standing next to her and paparazzi are taking pictures, it’s like, ‘Wow!’” the actress said. “It’s because Rihanna’s standing next to you—they’re not interested in you at all.”

Ocean’s Eight will be in theaters in June 2018. Watch the full clip below

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