Passengers Co-Stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Engage in a Battle Of Insults

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Passengers costars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence may get along swimmingly, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hurl horrific insults at each other.

On Monday, the costars were promoting their sci-fi film in London, where they stopped by BBC One for a game of “Playground Insults.” Nothing was off the limits, and the duo lobbed put-downs back and forth, touching on everything from Lawrence’s Joy to Pratt’s lack of an Oscar to the talents of the Saved by the Bell cast.

While there were many hilarious jabs, Pratt had the knockout punch. After Lawrence joked that she took two Pepto-Bismol tablets before their sex scene in Passengers, Pratt one-upped her with a PG-13 slight of his own. Hear what he said in the video above, and read some more of the best insults below:

  • “Why did they call it Joy?” asked Pratt.
  • “ ‘I really loved you in Everwood,’ said no one ever,” joked Lawrence.
  • “You are so stupid that your 3-year-old son has probably taught you everything you know,” she teased.
  • “How does it feel being in the stupidest Marvel movie?” asked Pratt.
  • “I recently told you that you act like Adele sings,” he said. “I hate Adele.”
  • Watch the full showdown above.

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