December 12, 2016 11:57 AM EST

On Sunday, Beyoncé stopped by fellow superstar singer Mariah Carey’s holiday revue in New York City—and the two took a chance to snap a selfie for the ages. The high-wattage pic, which Carey shared to Instagram (along with a caption proclaiming her love for the Lemonade pop star), is a blessing for Lambs and Beyhive members alike. Both talented divas are known for their glamorous images and intensely devoted fandoms; seeing them together adds a little more joy to the world. Plus, Beyoncé is not a huge selfie-taker (and has been quiet on social media for the past two weeks), making this rare photograph an added bonus.

In the lead-up to the holidays, undeniable queen of Christmas Carey has been traveling to perform her appropriately festive “All I Want for Christmas Is You” show, a sparkling affair that’s been drawing all kinds of celebrity guests. John Legend and R. Kelly each joined Carey for onstage appearances last week, helping the newly-minted reality star and her audiences welcome the season in style.

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