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Watch John Glenn Lampoon the UFO Crowd on a Classic Episode of Frasier

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Astronaut and American hero John Glenn passed away Thursday at 95, but he left behind a legacy of statesmanship—and even a few classic television cameos, taking advantage of his expertise in all things outer space. The former senator made a guest appearance on an episode of 90s classic sitcom Frasier back in 2001, and—while Frasier and coworker Roz were busy arguing in another room acted the part well.

“Some people ask, ‘You know, were you alone out there?’ We never gave the real answer,” Glenn muses on the show in character. “And yet we’ve seen things out there. Strange things.” Meanwhile, Frasier and Roz are too busy arguing to listen to Glenn’s faux confession as a part of the comedy’s scripted episode.

It’s a true delight to see him step into his silly side. Watch above.

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