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Cara Delevingne: ‘I Am Disappointed and Concerned’ About Donald Trump

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In this turbulent year, celebrities have arguably been more outspoken than ever on social and political issues. Model and actor Cara Delevingne has been an advocate for the environment in the past. Now, she’s encouraging her fans to join her cause by offering tea in London with a lucky donor. Motto caught up with Delevingne in a brief email about her project.

How do you think the election will change the fight for climate action?

I honestly don’t know and that is what scares me. I am trying to remain hopeful and be positive. We will have to wait and see.

How can others get involved in efforts to protect the ocean?

There are simple actions to take like being mindful of your carbon foot print, use fewer plastic products. Being mindful and considerate of our earth. RECYCLE! We all appreciate the ocean and the beach but we don’t take any responsibility to preserve and protect. A little effort can go a long way!

Do you feel pressured to take action because you have such a large platform?

I am grateful for a chance to positively impact people. It’s not pressure but a duty and I take it seriously. I live here, my friends live here, my family lives here….we have to take care of our house.

Do you think your personal activism will be affected after Donald Trump takes office?

If anything it’ll encourage me to do more.

Any other thoughts about the election?

Yes, but too much to say right now! I am still trying to digest the reality. I will remain hopeful everything happens for a reason. But of course I am disappointed and concerned. How can you not be?

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