By Melissa Chan
December 7, 2016

Two Alabama men were arrested Tuesday in connection with a viral video that shows more than a dozen gun-wielding people participating in the so-called Mannequin Challenge, authorities said.

The video, which has been shared more than 85,000 times since it was posted early last month, depicts a drive-by shooting frozen in time. The men shown in the video are all holding handguns.

A criminal investigation led authorities to a residence in Huntsville, Ala., where they found a cache of weapons and drugs, including marijuana, two handguns, one assault rifle, one shotgun and multiple rounds of ammunition, Madison County Sheriff’s Capt. Mike Salomonsky said at a news conference.

Kenneth Fennell White, 49, was arrested and charged with first-degree possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a violent felon. Terry Brown, 23, has been charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, loitering and promoting prison contraband.

The Mannequin Challenge is a viral internet video trend where people remain still while being recorded. Many celebrities, including Nicki Minaj and Rob Kardashian, have posted their versions of the challenge.


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