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Sony’s PlayStation 4 video games console continues to rack up strong sales numbers: The company says the system, available in 122 countries, just passed the 50 million units sold through worldwide mark. The PlayStation 4 passed its last major milestone, 40 million units sold through, back in May.

“Sold through” refers to units actually sold to consumers, as opposed to “shipped,” which refers only to units sent to retailers. Sony says the system passed the 50 million threshold on Dec. 6, in part because of what it describes as “the best ever Black Friday week in the history of PlayStation.” The figure is also a reminder that overall platform health is a global metric. Microsoft’s Xbox One, which has lagged significantly behind the PlayStation 4 in adoption rates, has outsold the PlayStation 4 domestically for the past several months.

Sony adds that it’s also sold about 370 million physical and digital software units life-to-date (software sales as well as online subscriptions and accessories are where the deeper profits lie). The company notes that the sales figures include both the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro systems. The latter is what the company calls its souped-up, ultra-high-definition iteration of the PlayStation 4 family that launched on Nov. 10. (You can read TIME’s review of the PS4 Pro here.)

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