Christmas tree, gifts and decorations near fireplace in living room
Christmas tree, gifts and decorations near fireplace in living room Getty Images

10 Holiday Gifts for the Pop Culture Obsessed

Dec 07, 2016

When it comes to the person who has everything, instead of adding to their packed closets, get creative. And nothing is as unique and personal as a gift that revolves around their favorite pop-culture obsession. This year was filled to the brim with Netflix revivals, Marvel films, and veritable pop culture phenomena. So prove to your friends that you remember their watching history.

Here, ten presents for the superfan in your life:

WindowShopGal / Etsy

Gilmore Girls Posters

For the GG fans who want to live the 'In Omnia Paratus' motto on a regular basis, or who just miss Luke's coffee, these artsy posters are the cure for all Lorelai withdrawals.

$17.50 on Etsy


Yeezmas Christmas Cards

Celebrate the holidays with Yeezus himself by gifting a card that'll make anyone feel like Pablo.

$4.58 on Etsy

DreamMakersStore / Etsy

30 Rock T-Shirt

Any 30 Rock addict will want to high-five a million angels and shotgun a pizza upon receiving this.

$12.99 on Etsy

FantasiaTrinkets / Etsy

This Stranger Things Necklace

The subtle Eggo waffle and 011 stamp will help fans channel their inner Eleven without being overly obvious about it. If the creatures in the Upside Down accessorize, they likely wear this.

$12.57 on Etsy

Foothills Signs / Amazon

A Dr. Who License Plate Frame

Dr. Who is the cultural phenomenon that will never go out of style, so any Doctor-related gifts are as timeless as the character himself. This license plate frame could be the way to remind your friends that they have better transportation options.

$13.50 on Amazon

StrongGirlClothing / Etsy

A Sweatshirt That Reminds You to 'Shake It Off'

After the emotional Kanye feud, every Swifty could use a reminder to shake off the bad energy. This comfy sweatshirt will let fans wear their Taylor Swift-loving hearts on their sleeves and remind people that they've moved on from the 2016 drama.

$35.99 on Etsy


A Harley Quinn Action Figure

A classic desk decoration for any Suicide Squad fan.

$10.99 on Amazon

ItsCraftysupermom / Etsy

A Fantastic Beast

With the newest Harry Potter film comes new fan merchandise, so you can skip the Gryffindor scarves this year and instead buy a replica of one of the creatures from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

$29 on Etsy

Lyrical Artworks / Amazon

A Beyoncé Lyric Poster

You can "sleigh all day" with Bey's own holiday gifts, but for the Beyhive members who already own the queen's full merch shop, you have to get a little more creative. We recommend this poster to get your holiay gifts in "Formation."

$19.95 on Amazon

Life Over Here / Amazon

A Netflix Mug

If their list of favorite shows is too long to conquer, just settle for a gift that speaks for their love of TV in general — and is perfect for mug cakes.

$14.95 on Amazon

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