Cindy Ord—Getty Images for Allergan
December 2, 2016

Khloé Kardashian has become known for her “revenge body” in recent years, and luckily for fans, she’s sharing the wealth. The youngest Kardashian sister often gives tips and tricks for weight loss and muscle gain, but if you’ve missed one of her workout Snapchat stories lately, there’s a new way to get inspired and lift like a la Khloé.

In a video created with Vogue, Khloé presents her “Better Butt Workout” like a true ’90s icon. “These are a few of my favorite sculpting moves to look great in a pair of jeans,” she says, illustrating various techniques like the “back lunge side squat” and “sandbag bridge.”

“For this workout, you don’t have to go anywhere. There’s nobody standing between me and you. This is your workout. You are front and center,” she encourages fans. “And remember, you guys will never regret doing your workout, you’ll regret not doing your workout.”


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