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Lilly Singh, a well-known Canadian YouTuber, knows how to shut down sexist commentators.

When a viewer asked Singh, known affectionally to fans as “Superwoman,” why she wasn’t fulfilling her womanly duty — according to sexist and outdated values — of making men sandwiches, Singh showed that she can take the heat. “You see, like this confuses me. Why would you need me to make you a sandwich? That’s not hard to do. I’ll even teach you,” Singh said.

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And teach she does in her latest video, “How to Make a Sandwich for sexists.” Singh explains to men how to make their own salami sandwiches, and serves up quite a few digs about male insecurity and anatomy along the way.

“Please note I’m using fresh ingredients to make up for your expired thought process,” she says.

Watch the full video above.

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