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Jimmy Fallon Has Much Deeper Feelings About Gilmore Girls Than You

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On The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon revealed a secret— he is a Gilmore Girls super fan.

Fallon watches the show every single night before he goes to bed and has deep feelings about Rory and Dean and Jess and Lorelai and all the characters in Stars Hollow. He even considers himself to be on Team Jess and is rooting for Rory to pick him as her boyfriend.

However, Fallon is a latecomer to Gilmore Girls fandom and is a little bit behind in the series. He’s just finished season four and needs to watch the three remaining seasons before the show’s revival airs on Netflix over Thanksgiving. As long as he watches six hours a day for the next ten days he can do it, and as The Tonight Show’s announcer Steve Higgins noted, he’s no quitter.

While Fallon is a little overdue in his viewing, he still has a Top Four characters, including town everyman Kirk, who Fallon considers one of the best actors in show business, resident grouch Luke Danes. “He’s kinda grumpy, but you know he has a good heart,” explained Fallon. Fallon’s heart, though, belongs to Rory’s schoolmate, Paris Geller. “She’s smart, she’s got the brains,” Fallon said. “I want to swim around in her brain a little bit.”

Fallon may be a fan, but can he pass this Gilmore Girls fan quiz?

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