These Oreo Candy Bars Are Going to Be Your Favorite New Sugar High

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Oreo regularly releases novelty flavors to fill its classic cookies—remember the infamous Swedish Fish incident of 2016?—but today marks a true turning point with the introduction of actual Oreo chocolate bars. The milk-chocolate-coated bars come in two versions, a family-sized Big Crunch and more traditional Chocolate Candy Bar. Each of the two types is made with Milka chocolate, a popular European brand known for being particularly creamy and sweet. The chocolate exterior sandwiches an Oreo filling, giving the candy blocks a satisfying crunch in between the melt-in-your-mouth exterior. (They really are exceptionally melty, too.)

The Big Crunch—which has a thick layer of Oreo cookie between layers of vanilla creme—will start popping up in stores on Monday, Nov. 14; those large bars will sell for about $5 each. The Chocolate Candy Bar, in which the filling is more of a classic crumbled cookies-and-creme mix, will appear on store shelves starting in January 2017, and will be available in multiple sizes.

It’s likely to please milk chocolate fans, but dark chocolate diehards might find these bars cloyingly sweet, so they might want to pass. Next question to the Willy Wonka’s in the Nabisco lab: when do we get chocolate-chip-flavored Oreo filling in the chocolate bars? Now that would be a candy inception.


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