November 10, 2016

Jimmy Kimmel flashed a wry smile at Donald Trump’s victory by looking to the future on Wednesday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show presented an Animal House spoof featuring all the famous faces of the recent campaign in the style of National Lampoon’s classic fraternity movie.

The sketch speeds through the major players at their silliest, and declares a grim future for them each of them, with the exception of President-elect Donald Trump. In Kimmel’s imagined future, there’s a path for everyone from Bernie Sanders, who can always be a Walmart greeter to Rudy Giuliani, who can play Uncle Leo in Broadway’s Seinfeld adaptation. Set to the tune of Otis Day & The Knights’ “Shout,” we learn that Trump supporter Scott Baio will have the honor of starring in Sharknado 5: Sharks in Charge and “still undecided” voter Ken Bone will cover L. L. Bean’s holiday catalog as its festive new face. Billy Bush’s future was less high-profile: mannequin at Nordstrom Rack.

Watch the sketch below.

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