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November 10, 2016

Some Muslim women are posting on social media their fear that it may no longer be safe to wear the hijab in the United States, after Donald Trump won the presidency early Wednesday morning.

During the campaign, Trump continually attacked Muslim-Americans, calling for a “complete shutdown” of Muslim immigrants to the U.S., and supporting the creation of a database to track current Muslim citizens.

“My mom literally just texted me ‘don’t wear the Hijab please’ and she’s the most religious person in our family…” writes one woman on Twitter.

“My husband just yelled at me for wearing hijab,” another woman says. “He got scared suddenly and is pleading w/ me to not wear hijab in fear that I’ll be hurt.”

Great Britain saw a rise in racist attacks towards Muslim citizens following the Brexit vote in favor of leaving the European Union, and many Americans are afraid of the same problem in wake of the election.

Others say they’ll continue to wear their hijab proudly.

“I’m not scared of Trump and neither will I ever STOP wearing the hijab. I’ll wear even at the cost of death. He can’t stop me or anyone,” writes one.

“I am not going to take off my hijab, I’m just going to tie it tighter,” says another. “I’m not going to sacrifice a part of me to adhere to your ignorance.”

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