November 8, 2016 12:20 PM EST

Sarah Paulson stopped by Full Frontal Monday night to nonchalantly read select messages from the collection of Hillary Clinton’s emails, in response to what Samantha Bee dubbed FBI director “James Comey’s flaming bag of October surprise.”

Bee explains that Wikileaks and its founder the “heroic transparency fetishist” Julian Assange, brought “many” emails between Clinton and her staff to the public domain, meaning that interested parties could discover the “real Hillary,” as Bee put it.

“Thanks to WikiLeaks, we discovered the real Hillary, a somewhat tech-averse workaholic who wants people to have medicine and wants her staff to print out this television show for her, large font please,” Bee said, calling the most scandalous finding the discovery that Clinton and her advisor Huma Abedin clearly have no idea how millennials use the phrase, “You up?”

To give the emails the attention they deserve, though, Bee brought out Paulson, the American Horror Story star, for a special one-night performance of her one-woman show titled, “Hillary’s Emails: Yes I Am Up.”

Watch her deliver the less than riveting material below.

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