November 2, 2016 11:03 AM EDT

An Oklahoma man who allegedly stole a cop car sang country songs on Facebook Live as he led officers on a high-speed chase, police said.

John Pinney, 25, was arrested after the Monday stunt, which he live-streamed to his Facebook followers, video shows. Authorities say he jumped into the patrol car about 8 p.m. after an officer left her keys inside the unlocked car to get coffee, CBS News reports.

“I’m in the cop car. Where’s my sirens at?” Pinney says in the footage. “You hear my sirens? Look, check it out. I can’t even believe that I’m doing this though, for real. I got away from like five cops already.”

Pinney was arrested near his home after the roughly 40-minute pursuit. He appeared to say on Facebook Live that boredom prompted the crime. “I ain’t got nothing else to do,” he says.

He faces several charges, including eluding, resisting arrest and possession of a firearm by a felon. “I would encourage every criminal out there to Facebook Live their crimes so that we can catch you a lot easier and use that Facebook Live at your trial to get a better conviction,” Tulsa police sergeant Steve Stoltz told CBS.


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