The Most Popular Scary Movies By State

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Scary movies are a Halloween-time staple. But what classics have stood the test of time—and which ones have fallen out of favor? Product review site Influenster conducted a nationwide survey to determine America’s favorite horror films, state by state. The takeaway? Hocus Pocus—the beloved 1993 Disney movie starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Midler as zany witches—still holds a special place in America’s heart, taking the top spot in 12 of the 50 states and also winning the popular vote overall.

Runner-up in the scary-movie ranking is The Conjuring from 2013 (California, Arizona, and Illinois were three of the eight states that voted in this paranormal film’s favor), while 2010’s Insidious, a low-budget haunted-house thriller, placed third overall. New Yorkers like Final Destination, however, and Texans spring for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, naturally.

Other favorites on the list include Nightmare on Elm Street, The Sixth Sense, and Silence of the Lambs—all worthy of a re-watch when you need to add a little thrill to your weekend. Or you can just keep watching the lighthearted Hocus Pocus and keep hoping that the rumored sequel might someday come to life.

The survey’s average age was 27, and more than 15,000 respondents were polled, according to Influenster. Check out the full results, below.



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