October 28, 2016 12:08 AM EDT

Even if offering cheaper drinks for women on some nights of the week is technically discriminatory, it doesn’t mean a man can cash out his hurt feelings on the club.

That’s what one Hong Kong man found out Thursday, when a local court ruled against his claim — equivalent to about $6,450 in local currency — for compensation for “injury to feelings” because he was charged more than women were for entering the city’s Legends club on a ladies’ night.

The judge ruled that awarding the plaintiff such a “windfall” would be “absurd,” according to the South China Morning Post, saying that he was not “a true victim” of discrimination.

The lawsuit alleged that Yiu Shui-kwong was discriminated against when the club had charged him about $40 for entry, as opposed to the $15 paid by women.

The court ruled in favor of Yiu on the discrimination case because the club did not bother to respond, the Post reports.

But on the matter of compensation, the judge found that Yiu “obtained what he had bargained for in terms of the enjoyment,” considering that he had spent four hours drinking, singing karaoke and playing darts when he visited Legends in 2014.

Not only that, the judge ordered Yiu to pick up legal costs — and the Chinese-language Apple Daily reports that he could be facing the bounce from most Hong Kong bars, which plan on resuming full-fledged ladies’ nights following the ruling.

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