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These 13 Brilliant Costumes Already Won Halloween

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Halloween is the internet’s time to shine. Parents experiment with cardboard, couples document their ability to remix the topical themes of the year, and overachievers go all out with clever creations they make at home. To celebrate the DIY outfits already on social media – those that reference pop culture or are just awesome in general —here’s a collection of great Halloween costumes.

A Gigantic Thundercloud

Easily the cutest (if slightly impractical) overall look. A father outfitted his daughter as “Princess Cumulus” by fashioning a massive ball of cotton clouds with arduino-powered LED strips to make everything glow from within. This was an update from the her El Niño cloud costume from the previous year.

Wayne’s World

This woman really embraced her bond with her pet, using her canine as the Garth to her Wayne. The flawless execution has already won Reddit over.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Pups

This Redditor’s teenage mutant “Dogatello” is no slouch either.


Star Wars Transportation Goals

This little boy’s costume went viral, naturally, because he went all out as Jedi knight Luke Skywalker who prefers to travel on his personal tauntaun snow beast instead of being held by his parents as he roams for treats.

Hot Wheels

But nothing beats this Darth Vader costume on Daniel Shaughnessy. Volunteers decked out his wheelchair with a model of the Star Wars vehicle, TIE fighter, built to give the fan, who is currently battling brain and spinal cancer, an intergalactic Halloween and one heck of an entrance, reported WSLS10.


Someone give Jeremy Miller’s father a book deal already because apparently he ups the ante every Halloween. This dad turned his 8-year-old’s wheelchair into the Ecto-1 Ghostbusters rescue ride, which is basically so on point it’s a replica of the one in the movie. Watch him embrace the spirit of the film below, via TODAY.

E.T. Costume

To show major love to the ‘80s classic E.T., Stephanie Pokorny essentially stitched magic together to create this hooded masterpiece for her two-year-old son, Jack, according to ABC.

Macaroni and Cheese

One part pop art, 100% surprising, Grayson Liam’s ambitious mom made him into a bowl of Easy Mac using yellow-painted toilet paper rolls. Her son, who’s obsessed with the microwavable entrée, then stood in a laundry basket covered with papier-mâché, according to The Kitchn, via Recipes From Heaven.

Gamer Family

It can be hard to coordinate a family costume, but this Japan-based family worked as a group to piece together this elaborate Nintendo-inspired costume for the RuiRei Twitter competition.

Rolling Deep With Alice in Wonderland

The uber dedicated soccer team went full squad goals by recreating all the looks from the Alice in Wonderland Disney flick into this picture that could be the poster for a staged adaptation.

Bob Ross

A simple idea with major throwback appeal: this DIY-er went for television’s chill landscape artist in process, Bob Ross.

The Brave Little Toaster

This Redditor went for an old school aesthetic courtesy of the 1987 animated movie The Brave Little Toaster. No facial expression required.

Lumière from Beauty and the Beast

John Sundquist, a paralpymic ski athlete and regular Halloween pro, essentially became Beauty and the Beast’s charming French host, Lumière in his latest costume. It features a golden lame fabric outfit and a posterboard candle head “dripping” with modeling clay as the “wax,” topped off with a nose attachment that’s glued on with spirit gum.

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