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By Melissa Locker
October 26, 2016

Friends fans may want to book a ticket to Asia, because Singapore is getting its very own Central Perk. But make sure to bring your checkbook—and not just for the coffee.

A replica of the coffee shop where Monica and Chandler fell in love, Ross and Rachel sipped lattes, Phoebe sang “Smelly Cat” and Joey did whatever it is Joey does, is slated to open in Singapore’s Central Mall on Nov. 24. However, this permanent addition to Singapore’s coffee scene is also a club with a hefty membership fee. According to Central Perk Singapore’s Facebook page, members will get to skip the line, bring in guests, make reservations for the couch where all the Central Perk action happened, and more. The cost? $1000 Singapore dollars a year (that’s about $720 U.S.).

While the owner told Singapore paper Today that casual fans will still be able to visit the café, he says that several people have already signed up. He added: “We will not be lowering the membership fee. It wouldn’t be fair to those who have purchased it.”

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