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Man Recommends Pranking Halloween Trick-Or-Treaters With Chocolate-Covered Brussels Sprouts

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Halloween is just around the corner and that means soon a parade of adorable little witches, goblins, and Harley Quinn’s will be ringing doorbells and issuing their threats—trick or treat. This year, one man recommends turning the tables on the little monsters and trick them first.

A seemingly evil genius, Mark Spencer, tweeted out a truly diabolical plan that will ensure kids will think you’ve given them a delicious, handmade chocolatey treat and won’t realize your nasty prank until they are too far away to throw them at your windows. The trick? Chocolate-coated brussels sprouts that look like a Whopper, Milk Dud, or other chocolate treat— until you bite into them that is.

He has since clarified it is a joke. See the pure evil (genius) photo below.

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