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Germany Reports Attacks by Clowns Wielding Chainsaws and Baseball Bats

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Creepy clowns have been reportedly menacing residents in Germany with weapons that include chainsaws and a baseball bat, authorities said.

The mass hysteria surrounding frightening jesters has made its way to parts of northern and western Germany after consuming most of the U.S. and spreading to other parts of Europe.

Rostock police on Friday said they’ve taken down two reports of clowns attacking with baseball bats, though it’s unclear if the encounters are connected, according to the Associated Press. In one incident, a 19-year-old sustained bruises.

A woman said a clown with a chain saw accosted her, and a 15-year-old boy said he was approached on Thursday by a clown holding a knife. In Wesel, a woman reported that a man wearing a clown mask leaped out of a bush and attempted to rev up a chain saw, the AP reports.


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