By Cady Lang
October 20, 2016

Joe Biden has long established himself as an exemplary vice president thanks to his ice cream obsession and his above-and-beyond acts of friendship, but he might have just made the case that he’s the coolest VP ever thanks to his snazzy wheels.

In a preview for Jay Leno’s web series appropriately titled, Jay Leno’s Garage, Biden drives around Leno in his very own 1967 Corvette Stingray, an achingly cool car that Biden has only been able to drive a total of three times in the past seven-plus years because vice presidents are not permitted to drive themselves while in office.

During their ride together, Biden not only reveals that he “likes speed” and has driven at 160 mph, but he also does a very impressive burnout within minutes of them driving, yet another reason why Joe Biden is a cool dude.

Watch the full preview below.

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