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This presidential campaign season has provided ample fodder for creative minds to satirize the nominees in question, and television fans have wasted no time in drawing comparisons between the political fray and some beloved recent comedies.

Exhibit A: “Trump-rested Development,” a play on the dryly witty Arrested Development intro. In the parody mash-up, comedy creators NeverCaesar, repurposed recordings of narrator Ron Howard, manipulated to fact-check Donald Trump’s debate statements in classic, tongue-in-cheek Development style—all while the show’s signature music plays. It already has hundreds of thousands of views.

Also stemming from the debates? An Office meme. Many internet users likened Hillary Clinton’s deadpan gaze to that of Jim Halpert, whose characteristic confessional stare is understated comic gold. Another chance to recut the election, as both Clinton’s silent stare gets the John Krasinski treatment; watch the video here.

And finally, let’s not forget to bring Curb Your Enthusiasm into the mix. One popular YouTube video mashed up the Larry David show (including music) with a Donald Trump and Chris Christie appearance, zooming in slowly on Christie’s bemused expression.

“Chris Christie is Jeff from Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the caption states, comparing the politician to actor (and David sidekick) Jeff Garlin.

In this political climate, at least our culture industry is here to make you laugh.

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