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Man Gives Harry Potter-Obsessed Wife the Perfect Homemade Wedding Gift

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From wands to flying broomsticks to the Mirror of Erised, the magical objects of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world all have their own unique allure. But none may be quite so intriguing as the Pensieve, the enchanted basin that allows its user to re-live memories — a power that one man realized happens to make it the perfect wedding gift.

In preparation for his nuptials with a Harry Potter-obsessed bride, Reddit user duffmanszalotofthings decided to make his wife-to-be a real-life Pensieve. The end result — which he shared photos of on Imgur — was a handmade bowl filled with small glass vials containing notes of memories from their time together. Oh, and he also glued magnets inside the bottom of every bottle so that her new wand (with a magnet tip) would be able to pull the memories out.

Best present ever.

See the full gallery of photos below.

[h/t The Debrief]

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