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These Are the Most-Searched Words From the Presidential Debate

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From “acid-washed” to “Aleppo,” viewers of Sunday night’s presidential debate had a lot of questions about the words they heard from the candidates and moderators.

According to Dictionary.com, which tracked searches during the second presidential debate, “deplorable,” “acid-washed” and “debunked” were among the top-searched words on Sunday evening—and they came at some of the key moments of the debate. At one point, Donald Trump suggested Hillary Clinton would have a difficult time being a president for all Americans, given that she’d written off some Trump supporters as fitting in a “basket of deplorables.” Other words that made the top-searched list included “decisiveness,” “amnesty” and “Aleppo,” showing that Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is not the only person confused by mentions of the Syrian city.

Viewers at home were also baffled by a couple of Trump’s utterances, including “bigly” and “unproud.” For what it’s worth, Trump’s camp has insisted he’s been saying “big league” and not “bigly” as many apparently assumed, but that didn’t stop viewers from asking if the latter is a dictionary-defined term (it is, though it’s not commonly used). “Unproud,” however, is a tougher call. But it’s safe to say that Trump isn’t, well, unproud of using it.

Here is the full list of most-searched terms, courtesy of Dictionary.com:

  • Aleppo
  • acid-washed
  • bigly
  • amnesty
  • block grant
  • debunk/debunked
  • demagogic
  • deplorable
  • decisiveness
  • denigrate
  • nuclear
  • osmosis
  • prisoner of war/POW
  • rejigger, jigger, jiggering
  • secretively
  • unproud
  • veto
  • xenophobia, xenophobic, and xenophobe
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