October 6, 2016 1:14 PM EDT

Clown hysteria is spreading fear after unsubstantiated reports, stirring a national phenomenon with reported sightings and now Stephen Colbert is weighing in. “Clowns are everywhere, and they’re terrorizing our local news anchors,” Stephen Colbert noted on Wednesday night’s Late Show. Colbert doesn’t want to simply warn upright citizens about the on-going clown craze, but wants to remind you that not all clowns are frightening ghouls with bloodlust in their hearts. Some clowns are sad.

Due to the spate of what Colbert called “insane posses” of clowns roaming the streets, professional clowns are now worried that they’ll be profiled for their chosen profession of making “children laugh and adults uncomfortable.”

To help give clowns back “their dignity” Colbert released a public service announcement on behalf of true clowns everywhere.

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