October 6, 2016 11:05 AM EDT

While on Jimmy Kimmel Live Wednesday night, Frozen star and Wicked actress Idina Menzel admitted to harboring a celebrity crush on none other than Hollywood’s favorite guy, Matt Damon, who also happens to be host Kimmel’s fake sworn arch-nemesis. As she recalled meeting other celebrities backstage after her performances as Wicked‘s green-tinged witch Elphaba, she said that Damon had indeed come by her show once—but the experience of meeting him wasn’t all that great.

“Finally he came, he came backstage, I got the green makeup off, he was there with his wife,” she said. “And he looked like he hated it. He seemed so bored by it. She was so sweet, and the daughter… but he looked like he hated it!”

“Well, you know he’s backstage right now waiting to get on the show, can we ask him?” asked Kimmel. Luckily for Menzel, Kimmel and Damon’s longstanding rivalry means that Damon regularly hangs out at his shows, waiting for his chance to go on. So the cameras flashed to a messy backstage room featuring a dart board with Kimmel’s face, and Menzel cringed.

“I’m kind of hurt by this,” Damon told Menzel from his backstage hideout. “I loved Wicked. I loved it. And I loved Idina in it… I was so moved.” Of course, Damon wanted to continue his explanation, but Kimmel quickly cut him off.

That’s enough attention on his enemy for one night.

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