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Ron Paul Says He Won’t Be Voting for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson

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Libertarian icon Ron Paul said Monday that he would not be voting for the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

The 1988 Libertarian presidential nominee instead told MSNBC that Green Party candidate Jill Stein was more aligned with his beliefs.

“I said if the independents who don’t know what to do and who should they pick, I say if you tend to lead progressivism and liberalism and you are interested in expressing yourself — you can vote for the Green Party,” Paul said.

Paul was not endorsing Stein, or anyone else for that matter, but said that some of Stein’s policies aligned with that of the Libertarian Party. “I think it’s a little bit of misinformation here because I haven’t endorsed anybody,” Paul said.

He did, however, come to Johnson’s defense over his infamous “Aleppo” gaffe.

“It doesn’t build confidence in the individual, but it’s not disqualifying,” Paul told MSNBC. “It does raise eyebrows and it puts question marks out there.”


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