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September 28, 2016 2:04 PM EDT

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces trust issues with many voters, and her pneumonia diagnosis was no exception. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, Chelsea Clinton explains how even she didn’t know about her mother’s sickness and why her mom’s decision not to tell her “wasn’t a conscious choice.”

Chelsea rationalized Hillary’s secrecy about her pneumonia and why she thinks her mom didn’t want to tell anyone about it: “I mean, she didn’t even tell me. I think she just expected she would power through it as she has always powered through everything.” Talk about stamina.

Chelsea’s apartment became Hillary’s refuge after she became dehydrated at a September 11 memorial ceremony. But that still didn’t mean Chelsea knew about it. She tells Cosmo, “Well, I didn’t know that she had pneumonia. I didn’t know she had pneumonia until she came over to my apartment.” Chelsea later applauded her mother’s health: “She certainly looks healthier at her age than I feel at 36 at this moment.”

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Even though Hillary Clinton faced backlash for not announcing her pneumonia earlier, Chelsea explained that her family is used to facing perpetual criticism. When asked about Donald Trump‘s comments on not mentioning her father’s infidelity in respect to her, she said, “My reaction to that is just what my reaction has been kind of every time Trump has gone after my mom or my family, which is that it’s a distraction from his inability to talk about what’s actually at stake in this election.” She continued, “I don’t remember a time in my life when my parents and my family weren’t being attacked, and so it just sort of seems to be in that tradition, unfortunately.”

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