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Rob Lowe Says He’s Still Undecided Between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

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“Politically active dreamboat” Rob Lowe stopped by the The Late Show to indulge in a little post-presidential debate discussion with Stephen Colbert. Turns out that Colbert holds Lowe accountable for the current state of the presidential election, because way back in 2011 (when Lowe looked exactly the same as he does now), Lowe asked Donald Trump to consider running for president just to liven up the debates on Fox News. Fast forward to 2016, and Trump is the Republican presidential candidate.

When Colbert points this out, Lowe simply shrugged, “My work here is done,” and then confessed he was working for the KGB to “ruin the country.” Lowe is still undecided, but is leaning towards the candidate who is the most “hydrated.” He won’t say which candidate he prefers, because he wants voters, “no matter how stupid” they are, to tune into hew new television show, Code Black.

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