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September 26, 2016 7:16 AM EDT

U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador and former Harry Potter actress Emma Watson has helped produce an inspiring short movie about the hurdles women have overcome and still face in their path to gender equality.

The two-minute clip, which Watson also narrates, uses footage from the women’s hurdles final at the 1964 Olympic games in Tokyo to illustrate past and present challenges, from America passing the first Equal Pay Act in 1963 to one in three women still experiencing violence today.

At the end of the short movie, Watson tells viewers that the race to gender equality is still on “every day of every year of our lives.” “But,” she adds, “we will cross the finish line. No one can stop us. Equality. Now.”

The clip has received generally positive responses, with the U.K.’s Glamour magazine describing it as “amazing feminism in action”. However, Jezebel criticized the use of the jumping hurdles metaphor, reporting it to be “especially ableist in this context.”

Watson has spent the last few years prolifically campaigning for gender equality; only last week she gave a speech at the U.N. General Assembly in which she addressed the campus sexual assault.

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