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Ben & Jerry’s Puts Its Own Ice Cream Flavors on ‘Endangered Pints’ List Due to Climate Change

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As the climate heats up, there’s one thing you can always depend on to cool you down: ice cream. But popular ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerry’s wants to remind us that even the classic summer treat is a product of our global supply chain, and is not immune to environmental changes — so they’ve decided to publicize an “Endangered Pints” list of flavors that might go the way of the Dodo, according to the company.

In a blog post put up on their web site, the famously political makers of crowd favorite pints like Chunky Monkey and Phish Food take a strong environmental stand, just their latest in a history of civically-minded publicity stunts.

“Pretty soon you could be seeing shortages of your favorite foods, including – gasp! – Ben & Jerry’s,” the site reads. “We rely on farmers all over the world for our ingredients, and when they don’t have the predictable weather patterns needed for farming, that can mean no cocoa, no peanuts, and no Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.” Other flavors to savor while they last? Pistachio Pistachio, Half-Baked, Cherry Garcia, Chocolate Fudge Brownie… and the list goes on.

Ben & Jerry’s notes that coffee could be another ingredient on the chopping block, referencing studies from sources like Scientific American that predict significant shrinkages in suitable growing climates for all of these three crops (so that would affect Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!, too). Of course, Ben & Jerry’s won’t be the only brand that stands to be impacted by these projected changes: cocoa, peanuts, and coffee are staple products across the board.

To combat the potential loss of your favorite flavors, Ben & Jerry’s is urging concerned consumers to sign a petition supporting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

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