September 15, 2016


Prince Buster, Jamaican music legend, on Sept. 8 at age 78. The performer, born Cecil Bustamente Campbell, is widely celebrated as a pioneer of ska music.

Eddie Antar, creator of the Crazy Eddie chain of New York–area electronics stores, on Sept. 10 at age 68. He was jailed during the 1990s for insider trading and fraud.


Giraffes are actually four separate species, not one, as scientists had long believed. Researchers say the finding may cause them to rethink conservation efforts.


Tim Tebow, to a minor-league contract with the New York Mets. If successful, the former Denver Broncos quarterback will join a select group of athletes who managed to play at the top levels of both baseball and football.

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This appears in the September 26, 2016 issue of TIME.

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