Donald Trump to Discuss ‘Personal Health Regimen’ on Dr. Oz Show

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Donald Trump will appear on Dr. Mehmet Oz’s show next week to share his “personal health regimen,” following his suggestion that both he and Hillary Clinton release “detailed medical records.”

Trump will be a guest on an episode set to air next Thursday as The Dr. Oz Show begins its eighth season, Politico reported. He is expected to discuss his personal health and explain why a presidential candidate’s health is an important issue in this campaign.

The Republican presidential nominee has raised doubts about Clinton’s health in recent weeks, suggesting that she’s unfit to serve as president. Her campaign, in turn, questioned the legitimacy of a much-discussed letter from Trump’s physician, who described Trump’s strength and stamina as “extraordinary.”

Clinton released her medical records during the primary, presenting a detailed letter from her physician, who said Clinton was in “excellent” health and described medical conditions including hyperactive thyroid and seasonal allergies. The letter from Trump’s doctor was shorter and more hyperbolic.

“If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” Dr. Harold Bornstein wrote in the letter. He later said his writing was inspired by Trump’s style of speaking.

Oz has faced scrutiny over the validity of the medical advice on his show. A 2014 report suggested that viewers approach the show’s medical recommendations with skepticism. Oz has defended himself repeatedly, noting in a 2015 op-ed for TIME that while he most often practices conventional medicine, he believes in also exploring alternative approaches.

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