September 5, 2016 2:36 AM EDT

She might not be hosting the new season of America’s Next Top Model, but Tyra Banks is certainly putting that signature smize to good use as the star of Drake’s new “Child’s Play” music video.

Twenty-five years after making her music video debut in the clip for Michael Jackson’s hit “Black or White,” the 42-year-old supermodel, actress, and businesswoman stars opposite the Toronto native in the 12-minute short film, playing the rapper’s quick-tempered, loose canon love interest.

The video begins as Drake makes his way to a classier dining establishment (implied to be the Cheesecake Factory, a reference to the song’s lyrics), seating himself opposite an irritable Banks, who grows increasingly angry as she questions him about text messages he’s received from a mysterious woman.

“I don’t care where we are. It’s 10:00 at Cheesecake, what the hell he doin’ up?” Banks says, causing a scene as she references a fellow patron’s baby. “Oh, now I’m crazy? Now I’m crazy and you coverin’ your baby’s ears?”

Her rant continues (complete with table slapping): “She called you Aubrey. She didn’t call you Drake; she called you Aubrey. So, obviously there’s something a little bit more intimate for her to call you Aubrey. I call you Aubrey, your mom calls you Aubrey. These bitches call you f—ing Drake.”

“Okay, so what do you want to do?” Drake asks. Big mistake; Banks answers by shoving a piece of cake right into his face. She tops it off by dumping a glass of red wine over his head.

In addition to “Child’s Play” and “Black or White,” Banks has also appeared in videos for artist like Tina Turner (“Love Thing”), George Michael (“Too Funky”), and Lionel Richie (“Don’t Wanna Lose You”). In 2004, she fronted a clip for her debut solo single as a pop artist, “Shake Ya Body.”

Watch Banks’ meltdown in the “Child’s Play” music video above.

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