September 2, 2016 11:23 AM EDT

Before you think that Rihanna’s kiss with Drake at his Miami concert and new shark tattoo that she allegedly got for Drake means that they’re really a couple now, take a minute to read her carefully-worded Instagram caption where she skillfully continues to keep Drizzy’s decade-long unrequited love for her, well, unrequited.

In the caption, Rihanna takes 200 words to sincerely thank everyone from her family, her fans, her friends, and her team for helping to make her Video Vanguard performances and award happen. Even MTV, Mary J. Blige, Naomi Campbell, and Tracee Ellis Ross get a shout out.

Finally, at the end of the caption, she devotes 11 words to Drake, writing, “Your speech was so touching and I love you for that!” Which is basically the nice way of saying, “Thank you for pouring your heart out to me and declaring your love for me on the MTV stage.”

May we all approach love with the self-awareness of Rihanna.

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