September 1, 2016 11:02 AM EDT

If you’re anything like James Corden the smell you enjoy most in the morning is bacon—Kevin Bacon, that is.

Bacon—the actor, not the delicious breakfast item—teamed up with the Late Late Show host to make a commercial for a new bacon-scented cologne, a feat that could only be truly celebrated in black-and-white with an accompanying interpretive dance. In the perfume ad, Corden extols his love of bacon (or is that Bacon?) be it, “crazy, mad, or wild bacon.” Whatever the craving, the answer is always “bacon.” Corden is so excited about the idea of bacon-scented cologne he doesn’t even care if the cologne smells like bacon or, you know, Kevin Bacon.

Watch above, and if you’re truly interested in breakfast meat-scented perfume, it already exists.

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