A member of the Los Angeles band Blind Melon performs during the Cumbre Tajin 2013 music festival in Papantla, Mexico, Saturday, March 23, 2013. (AP Photo/Felix Marquez)
Felix Marquez—AP
August 31, 2016 12:01 PM EDT

Rock band Blind Melon claims that a rival singer copied their 1993 smash-hit song “No Rain” to make another catchy tune.

The band has filed a lawsuit in California federal court claiming that and others involved in the song “Insane” copied their song, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The suit claims that this is a “a somewhat unique case where substantial and verbatim copying is not disputed,” but that Jiroux and others will argue that they had license to use portions of “No Rain” in their song.

Blind Melon, in their lawsuit, said they were under the impression that the new song would be a cover of theirs, which the law allows for, not to essentially take elements of their song to make a new one.


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