A projection on the facade of Berghain nightclub in Berlin.
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August 30, 2016 5:29 PM EDT

Berlin’s Berghain nightclub is legendary for its intense techno music history, a strict, brutal, and inscrutable door policy, and a nonstop party. And now it’s legendary for one more reason: the building was struck by lightning on Sunday night— causing the power to go out and the lights to go on — but revelers continued to make the most of their wild night.

In posts to Facebook and Twitter, partiers recount things during the power outage heating up to the extent that everyone was stripping off their clothes in the packed space. To the credit of the committed dancers, there was apparently no mass exodus over the three-hour period in which the club was impacted by the strike. In fact, it seemed like everyone had a very memorable experience.

“Adrenalin [sic] is still running through my veins,” wrote one of the evening’s DJ’s on Facebook. “I will never forget that view from the iron stairs down on that ocean of naked flesh waving and pulsating. Wish I had a photo of that scenery, but, well, what happens inside these walls stays there and it’s good that it is the way it is!”

Another DJ told music site Pitchfork that the evening was emotional. “The reaction from the crowd including Dax and myself in the DJ both [sic] was that we thought it was a new light feature, but the lights stayed on while I took over the booth and were on for almost my whole set of four hours… the club was extremely hot and humid, meaning the already lightly dressed crowd disrobed more and more as I played. From what I heard they had to get the fire department down to be able to turn the lights off again,” Pär Grindvik said in his statement.

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