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Clydesdale Named Budweiser Hides Out for Days After a Helpful Goat Set Him Free

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A horse managed to escape his holding pen in Santa Cruz, Calif. and hide out for five days, after getting some help from a friend.

The horse, a 1,900 pound Clydesdale named Budweiser, was captured Sunday in the Santa Cruz Mountains after he broke out of his pen with the help of his friend Lancelot, a Nigerian dwarf billy goat, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reports.

Owner Tamara Schmitz said she left the goat in the horse pen last Wednesday and Lancelot figured out to ram the gate open.

While Buddy managed to avoid detection for nearly a week, another Clydesdale named Harry who escaped was captured the next day.

“Buddy’s very elusive. He’s not like other horses. He’s not attracted by meadows and other horses. He can stay hidden,” Schmitz said.

Buddy roamed a three mile area, according to the Sentinel, causing Schmitz to enlist a community search “posse.” They eventually found the horse hiding in a patch of small trees about a mile from his home.

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