August 29, 2016

Twelve days ago, Justin Bieber made good on his promise to turn his Instagram to private. But on Monday, it appeared the account had been switched back to the public setting of the addictive social media platform.

While the account has been private, it turns out the Purpose singer has continued to post. The main subject of his photographic attention? His new puppy, “Todd,” an objectively adorable ball of canine fluff. In the latest post, Bieber shared a short clip of himself making squeaky kissy noises and calling for Todd, who appeasingly ambles into the frame. Todd seems chill.

But Bieber took to Twitter midday Monday to clarify the Instagram situation, saying that it was an “accident” that the account was visible once more. As of Monday afternoon, the Instagram account is private again. The moral of this story: The Bieber giveth… and the Bieber taketh away.

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