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5 Tips for Making Your iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

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Although smartphones have become slimmer, more powerful, and better at taking photos over the years, they never seem to last long enough on a single charge. If you frequently find yourself searching for power outlets throughout the day, take a look at these tips to maximize your iPhone’s battery life.

Some actions that can drain your phone’s battery actually occur when you’re not using the device, such as when apps refresh data while running in the background or when your email app pings the server to push new messages. Turning these features off in addition to making a few other tweaks, like turning down the brightness level of your phone’s screen, can help you get more mileage out of your device.

Activating the iPhone’s Low Power Mode, available in devices running iOS 9 and higher, takes care of some of these steps in one shot. For those who want more flexibility, the walkthrough above will show you how to alter each setting individually. To turn on low power mode, navigate to Settings > Battery, and toggle the switch.

Still need more life? Try picking up a battery pack. The Mophie Powerstation Mini is one of our favorites.

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