August 26, 2016 9:00 AM EDT

Kids these days! They’re way cooler than they have any right to be. At least, that’s the takeaway from this fresh video to CID and house music legend Kaskade‘s newest release, the dance track “Sweet Memories.” The stars? Three young dudes who just can’t keep their feet still. They may be dressed up in sharp suits, but that doesn’t stop them from breaking it all the way down as they roll through the streets on a sunny afternoon. Having that much swagger at such a young age just shouldn’t be allowed.

The video, premiering on TIME, follows perennial crowd favorite Kaskade’s album from last year, Automatic. It’s a stripped-down song with a hard-driving beat and satisfying build that should guarantee plenty of play on the festival circuit, if it doesn’t get your toe tapping at the outset.

Or, as Kaskade himself tells TIME: “If this single doesn’t resonate with you, it’s a good sign that you should get off the dance floor and probably go home.” Strong words from a DJ who regularly spins for massive crowds and has a long-standing club residency in Las Vegas.

But yeah—we’re here for those kids.

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