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National Dog Day: Celebrate These 10 Dogs That Broke World Records

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National Dog Day, celebrated every year on Aug. 26, honors all dogs—mixed and pure breeds, service and police canines, those that died in the line of duty and those that possess talents some humans couldn’t harness. Here are 10 dogs that earned Guinness World Records for their feats:

Most Balls Caught by a Dog’s Paws in a Minute

Purin, a female beagle, caught 14 balls, using just her paws, in one minute, setting a world record last March. The 10-year-old canine goalie from Japan trains with her owner, Makoto Kumagai, for about 15 minutes each day, according to Guinness. More impressive: Purin holds two different world records. In 2015, she set a world record for traveling 10 meters, or about 33 feet, on a ball faster than any dog. She beat her own record this year when she traveled the same distance in 10.39 seconds.


Fastest Dog on Two Paws

Jiff, the famous Hollywood Pomeranian, previously held two world records for quickly running on his hind legs and front legs. The talented and tiny canine in 2014 made it into the record books for fastest 10 meters on hind legs (6.56 seconds) and fastest five meters on front paws (7.76 seconds). While his records have since been beaten, the pooch became an Internet sensation and even had a starring role in pop star Katy Perry’s music video, Dark Horse.

“When Jiff first walked into our offices, we weren’t even sure he was real. He looks like a living, breathing cuddly toy,” Guinness World Records editor-in-chief, Craig Glenday, said in a statement. “He might be tiny but he’s got a huge personality, and his wealth of talents can’t be doubted.”

Fastest 30 Meters on a Scooter by a Dog

Norman travels in style, and the French sheepdog broke a world record in 2013 for riding a scooter faster than any dog ever. Norman, then 3, rode a scooter 30 meters—about nearly 100 feet—in 20.77 seconds. He scored the victory inside a gymnasium in Georgia with his owner, Karen Cobb, by his side. Norman beat the previous record by more than nine seconds.


Largest Eyes on a Dog

Bruschi the Boston terrier holds the Guinness World Record for dog with the largest eyes. Each of his peepers measures 28mm, or a little more than an inch, in diameter. The black-and-white rescue pup from Texas can’t see directly in front of him and can only use his peripheral vision, according to Guinness.

Photo courtesy Guinness World Record

Fastest Time to Pop 100 Balloons by a Dog

Twinkie, a Jack Russell terrier, looked like he had a blast setting his world record. The California pup can be seen on video bursting 100 red balloons by leaping on top of them in 39.08 seconds to get himself into Guinness’ books.


Fastest 100 Meters With a Can Balanced on a Dog’s Head

Sweat Pea has balance and doggedness. The Australian shepherd and Border collie mix set two world records for being able to walk 100 meters, or about 328 feet, in the fastest time of 2 minutes and 55 seconds with a can on top of her head. The pooch also holds the world record for walking down the most steps, facing forward, while balancing a 5-ounce glass of water on her head. Both records were set in 2008.

Ranald Mackechnie/Guinness World Records

World’s Tallest Dog

Fittingly named, Zeus—a Great Dane from Michigan—is the tallest dog in the world, standing at 44 inches. When he stands on his hind legs, he reaches up to 7 feet and 4 inches. Guinness says he’s the same size as an average donkey. Zeus weighs more than 155 pounds and eats about 30 pounds of food a day.

Most Tennis Balls Held in a Dog’s Mouth

Augie, a golden retriever in Texas, earned himself a world record in 2003 after he fit five regulation-sized tennis balls in his mouth at the same time.

Drew Gardner/Guinness World Record

Most Bottles Recycled by a Dog

Tubby may be the most environmentally conscious hound on earth. The Labrador in the U.K. set a world record in 2010 for recycling more bottles than any of his fellow canines. Guinness said he helped recycle about 26,000 plastic bottles over six years by collecting them on his daily walks, crushing them and passing them to his owner.

Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records

Longest Ears on a Dog

Tigger, a bloodhound in Illinois who passed away in 2009, still holds the world record for having the longest ears on a dog. His right ear is 13.75 inches long and his left ear is 13.5 inches long. Tigger landed the record in 2004. His owner says the long ears required a lot of cleaning and daily maintenance.

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