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This Tricked Out Homemade Bat Suit Just Set a Guinness World Record

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Watch out, criminals of Gotham, there’s a new Batman in town and his incredible Batsuit has 23 different fully functional contraptions for fighting crime or at least wowing the crowds at Comic Con.

The man behind the suit is not Bruce Wayne (or even Ben Affleck), but a Batman super-fan named Julian Checkley. His incredible, homemade suit just set a Guinness World Record for “most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit”, which would be an incredibly fun category to compete in.

While the real Batman’s Batsuit can perform more than 23 tasks, Checkley’s suit pulls off an astonishing array of super-heroic actions like bat-cam, bat-flask, bat signal projector, bat-tracking tech and a whole bunch of things without bat in the name. There’s a built-in cowl respirator, a pneumatic tranquilizer gun, grapnel gun, strobe stun gun, two-radio, ultrasonic anti-dog device, and, of course, smoke bombs, Batarangs, and fireball shooting gear plus a bunch of other awesome functions.

Checkley may not take to the streets to fight crime in his suit, but the world feels safer knowing he’s out there.


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