By Julia Zorthian
August 25, 2016

Kendall Jenner revealed to Jimmy Kimmel last night that she had some athletic advantages growing up as the daughter of an Olympic gold medalist.

“I’m impressed because you came out here faster than any guest ever,” Kimmel said as Jenner made her first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “Maybe it’s because you’ve inherited some of the fastest genes in the world.”

Kendall Jenner revealed she may have never watched the Olympics growing up with Bruce Jenner (and did not mention whether she and Caitlyn Jenner watched the most recent Rio Games). But she did have experience competing.

“I ran track when I was a kid, my whole middle school life I ran track and my dad was the coach,” Jenner said. Watch the full clip above to hear more and learn about her high jumping prowess.


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